About Us

We root for the little guy. Hat Labs was born out of the hobby and a passion of its founder Matti Airas, who wanted to have easier and safer tools for making his boat smarter, more connected, and safer. Traditional boat electronics are expensive and rigid and the manufacturers don’t exactly encourage interoperation across brands or device generations.

First came a couple of modest temperature sensors and a simple Raspberry Pi based Signal K server for data collection and visualization. While simple in principle, setting everything up felt like reinventing the wheel all over again. Is this safe? Is this reliable? How do I wire this up? A number of prototypes later, there are devices that are easy to connect, safe and practical. Hat Labs was founded to provide the offsprings of those prototypes to a larger audience. The first devices are geared for hobbyists and developers, but if you feel intimidated by that, don’t worry: we have awesome end-user products in the pipeline!


Matti Airas, CEO and Mad Hatter

Matti has made a long career in different software and IoT companies before founding Hat Labs. He has a doctorate from Helsinki University of Technology Electrical Engineering department (Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, in particular). He maintains and sails a C&C 36 sailboat and hails from Helsinki, Finland. 
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